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Fintan Costello is a internationally noted public speaker, trusted advisor, entrepreneur and marketing expert. Prior to joining Revenue Engineers, Fintan held the role of Senior Industry Head at Google and led the global Financial Trading and eGaming team. Before that he managed and led the Online Marketing departments for eGaming giants Pokerstars and Paddy Power. Always with a clear focus on the intersection between online and offline marketing and the impact on acquisition.

Canada, Bodog and Bitcoins


The state of Quebec is currently in the process of forcing ISPs to block illegal gambling websites, the list will be created by Loto-Quebec so no conflict of interest at all! One of the first gaming firms to reach is Bodog who it is being reported Bodog has already stopped accepting bets from Quebec.  In […]

Horses vs Drones and Ad Fraud


Ad Bots not Ad Blockers Background A lot of focus in the gaming industry media has been spent on worrying about Ad Blockers and the impact on performance. Our view is that it is not the Ad Blockers but the Ad Bots used for fraud that you should be worried about instead.  What is Ad […]

Scandi Casinos and a Reality Check


Time for a Reality Check Background Compliance with the UK Gambling Commission regulation on “Reality-Checks” has highlighted the weaknesses inherent in a lot of operators. The reality check is a pop-up notification at regular periods offering the player an opportunity to take a break or cool-off period.  What’s the Problem You’d expect this to be […]

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Facebook, Facebook, Facebook Summary:  Facebook had their annual F8 Developer conference this week where they outlined their roadmap for the next 10 years and announced a bunch of new things. Here is what we found interesting.  Save to Facebook: Ability to save quotes and urls to Facebook for later reading. Similar to what Pocket currently […]

Facebook Instant Articles


Summary We have previously talked about the importance of Google Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile SEO and users on slow internet connections. Facebook in response have stepped up the roll out of their “Instant Articles” which is the Facebook equivalent to AMP. We have no evidence that Instant Articles will have an impact on […]

Boyle Sports’ Neill Garfield


Neill Garfield has left BoyleSports after 1 year as CMO. We did a quick cheeky check on Neill Garfield | LinkedIn and see that the average tenure for various senior management positions at BoyleSports is roughly 1 year and 6 months. We don’t know why, but whoever does their executive recruitment must be very busy.

Ladbrokes Results & CMO


 Quick Summary Ladbrokes retail staff have been encouraging customers to sign-up online which according to the results has generated 35,000 new online actives.   Our View We are big believers that there should be no silos between your different distribution channels. A customer sees no difference between your desktop website, mobile website, dial-a-bet and retail product, […]

Greenlight Search Gambling Report


Greenlight have released a new report that shows organic and paid search share for the gambling industry for Dec 2015 in the UK. Nothing major stands-out. It’s relatively straightforward to generate a report like this using monitoring tools like AdGooro but a useful benchmark anyway.   Link GreenLight Gambling Report Here