So… about that year-round promo calendar. There’s an app for that. Or an engine, to be precise. Revenue Engineers’ Promotion Engine automates the process of promotion driven Banner Creation.

This enables you to dynamically translate your promotions into a set of multiple banner ads, resulting in two distinct advantages:

  1. It saves you a lot of valuable time, resources and money
  2. You can run a lot more promotions than you are normally able to

In other words, you are finally able to truly clear your (marketing) calendar and utilize every promotion to the fullest.

Every asset you see in the Showcase is dynamically generated in the backend of the Engine. From button text to bouncing casino chip. In other words, if you want to run another promotion, all you have to do is change things in the backend, push a single button… and voila, you have 9 new banners in one go.

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