This email is powered by a Chat bot

This email is powered by a Chat bot


Facebook, Facebook, Facebook


Facebook had their annual F8 Developer conference this week where they outlined their roadmap for the next 10 years and announced a bunch of new things. Here is what we found interesting. 

Save to Facebook:

Ability to save quotes and urls to Facebook for later reading. Similar to what Pocket currently does. We expect to see lots of “Save to Facebook” appearing on websites very soon.

Login using Phone Number:

New update to facebook login on 3rd party sites. Use your phone number instead. Ideal for people who don’t have a facebook account:

App Analytics

Facebook App Analytics has a bunch of extra reporting as well as ability to send push notifications:

Freebasics Updates:  

Free basics simulator

What we are really excited about: 

  • Able to build bots on top of messanger and have a really rich interface (so not just lines of text)
  • Open sourced their own personal assitant AI “M” learning tool here: 

Key Stat for Us:

Instant Articles are opened 20% more and the content is  abandoned 70% less! 


While the Facebook / Gambling industry relationship can be difficult and a lot of functionality and reach is not available, there are two key take aways from this.

  1. Chatbots as we predicted are going to be the big thing across all messaging platforms, building up your capabilities and use cases is crucial.
  2. The instant articles stats shows that speed on mobile really matters, everything you can do to speed up your site will add money to the bottom line. 


Google Featured Snippets


Featured snippets is where Google tries to answer your query on the search results page. It has been available in US & UK for a while and we covered it last year with the Oddschecker example 

Rolling out to more countries: 

Google is now rolling out Featured Snippets to more European countries, so keep an eye on your search traffic. 

Report by Rank Ranger here


HTML5 Creative


HTML5 is the preferred creative format for the modern internet as it works across all devices and does not have the issues that come with Flash.

Our Experience:

We’ve been advocates of HTML5 creative for years and have huge amount of experience in building cutting edge creative in HTML5. Recently we won “Banner of the Year” coming out ahead of gaming brands such as bwin, Mr Green and Casumo 

Testing Tool:

The IAB tech lab have launched a testing tool for HTML5 creative which could be useful if you are new to HTML5 and want to test and validate your work. 



Chat Bot Email


With all the excitement around chat bots our tech boffins have been hard at work and have built our very own Chat Bot who we have called Mark.

Mark has been trained using online marketing websites and content so should be an expert and able to answer your questions. So feel free to ask a question about this newsletter or anything else marketing related. 

If you would like to speak with a real person instead feel to contact me directly using any of your preferred methods below and I will put you in touch with the relevant person at Revenue Engineers: