Every now and than we are invited to give our opinion and share our views. A selection of our appearances in current and previous roles are shared below. What all have in common is that they all hint towards the evolution of the vision that lead to Revenue Engineers.

Opening of Malta business hub


Revenue Engineers have been planning to have a presence on the ground in Malta for quite a while. Making it so marks an exciting new chapter for Revenue Engineers. Revenue...

Canada, Bodog and Bitcoins


The state of Quebec is currently in the process of forcing ISPs to block illegal gambling websites, the list will be created by Loto-Quebec so no conflict of interest...

Scandi Casinos and a Reality Check


Time for a Reality Check Background Compliance with the UK Gambling Commission regulation on “Reality-Checks” has highlighted the weaknesses inherent in a lot of operators. The reality check is...

Facebook Instant Articles


Summary We have previously talked about the importance of Google Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile SEO and users on slow internet connections. Facebook in response have stepped up...

Ladbrokes Results & CMO


 Quick Summary Ladbrokes retail staff have been encouraging customers to sign-up online which according to the results has generated 35,000 new online actives.   Our View We are big...