Tea, Earl Grey, hot


Tea, Earl Grey, hot


We predict that search will be the fastest growing human-computer interface. Voice is fast, convenient and getting better. Amazon have shipped over 1 million Amazon Echoes in Q1 2016 showing that there is demand outside of early-adopter tech nerds. 


Back in 2015 Siri handled more than 1 billion request per week, in may 2016 Google announced that 1 in 5 mobile search in the US is voice and growing rapidly, with Baidu predicting that 50% of queries on their Search Engine will be voice by 2020.

Impact on Gambling Industry

Right now if you want to place a bet on a football game you have to take the following steps:

  1. Scroll the home screen windows to find the app
  2. Click the app
  3. Wait for the app to load
  4. Click football 
  5. Click tournaments
  6. Scroll
  7. Click game
  8. Scroll
  9. Click bet you want to make
  10. Enter amount, confirm bet
  11. Close app

This 11-step process to place a bet could be replaced with two voice commands such as:

  • Punter: What are the odds on Spain to win the Euros?
  • Computer: The odds are 11/2 would you like to place a bet?
  • Punter: Yes, 10 pounds on Spain to win
  • Computer: Bet has been placed and confirmation is in your inbox. I will also keep you up-to-date on Spanish match results during the tournament.
  • Our View:

The macro trend that we follow at Revenue Engineers is that of “Instant Satisfaction”, we believe any company or product that can deliver exactly what a user wants faster than their peers will win. We are backing that Voice is now at that inflection point where it can start to supplement the touch interface and navigation needed to place a bet. 

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