Plus500 & Playtech, Google Analytics and CMA


We discuss Playtech & Plus500, Google Analytics Spam and CMA Investigation of “Non-Disclosure of Paid Endorsements”



Playtech and their clients will benefit massively from Plus500 marketing technology. However lots of unanswered questions abut Plus500

Our View

It makes perfect sense for Playtech to buy Plus500. Plus500 was easily the market leader across Financial Trading in terms of acquisition through all channels. Most of the technology was propriety and I feel that the gaming industry could learn a lot. The opportunity is really for Playtech is to replicate in the Financial Trading/Binary Options industry what they have done in gaming.


Counter View

For a counter-view, I’d recommend grabbing a coffee, setting aside 20 minutes and reading the series of 19 articles by Financial Times journalist Dan McCrum on Plus500 and a series of 12 articles about Plus500 from Jacob Ma-Weaver of Cable Car Capital.





Referral Spam in Google Analytics is getting more wide spread. I explain how it works

Should I Care?

For very large websites, referral spam is not that big a deal and can be easily ignored. For small to medium sized websites it can have a big impact on your web metrics and reporting.

What is it?

It is a where a visitor and the website that referred them are faked and inserted into your Web Analytics reporting.

Have I been hacked?

No you haven’t been hacked. The nasty work happen away from your website where the spammer just triggers your google analytics code and passes the information.

What is in it for the spammer?

Typically used by b2b spammers and cookie stuffers. You are likely to visit the website that referred traffic to you to see why/how they are sending you traffic.

How do I stop it?

Robots.txt and/or advanced filtering in your Web Analytics

Is It Difficult?

It is very easy to do and relatively easily to block/filter


Screenshot of what it can look likeFP1RLPVRCaQXBf_t-kLZJmKdGiC9jZ1_0lpuVFuE9RQ

Read more on how to block / filter referral spam




Based on the CMA recommendations nearly every UK facing operator / affiliate is in potential breach of marketing laws. Investigation has started.

The CMA has opened an investigation into the “potential non-disclosure of paid endorsements”. While not specifically calling out the gambling industry the notion of reviews, ratings and endorsements go to the heart of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Review

We reviewed a random sampling of  the largest affiliates listed on the eGR power affiliate lists and could not find one who was in compliance with the recommendations.

Our View Legal

Always talk to your legal counsel first.

Our View Marketing

The smartest affiliates we have worked with are always honest with their audience, explain how their business model works and that all of the listings are effectively paid for (in one way or another).

The value add promise to the visitor is that they should get genuine reviews and that whoever is ranked number 1 on the affiliate site really is the best. The affiliate who can build genuine user trust is the one who wins in the long run



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